Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care

How does the direct Care model work?

Our Direct Care model is designed to facilitate PATIENT ACCESS to affordable, high quality physician-delivered health care by getting rid of the bureaucracy and paperwork. Thus, creating a DIRECT relationship between YOU and your doctor.

what should i do with my current insurance needs?

This model does NOT replace your health insurance. This model WILL help to keep you out of Urgent Care centers and also give you access to the ‘Concierge’ level of care (24/7 access to a physician, home visits when appropriate, physician-delivered care when you are out of town).

Call TrueMedicine to Sign Up Today!

TrueMedicine is now offering you an opportunity to have AFFORDABLE 24/7 DIRECT access to YOUR doctor. It’s simple! Click the “Sign Up” link above to become a member of TrueMedicine Concierge.

TMC Membership Plan

includes these exclusive benefits
$ 110
Per Month
  • Unlimited telemedicine visits (via phone call, text messaging, or video call when indicated.)
  • Up to 2 IN OFFICE doctor visits per month, including Annual Exam in the month of your choice.
  • Direct contact information for 24/7 access to your physician.
  • Physician-delivered care even when you are out of town.
  • Prescribed medications sent to the pharmacy of your choice.
  • Medication refill requests made simple by direct submission to your physician.
  • Member’s only Lowest Rate Pricing on lab tests with no surprise billing later!
  • Member’s only Pricing on Physician Grade Highest Quality Vitamins and Supplements & IV Wellness Treatments.
  • Specialized Program Options available with TMC membership: Weight Loss Plans, Testosterone Vitality Regimens and Botox Beauty/Anti-aging Therapies to name a few!
  • Access to the TMC membership mobile app to facilitate easy and on-the-go direct access to high quality care by YOUR doctor!